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Previous My shade-tree-engineered trebuchet. Pivot center to end of arm, 15"; pivot ctr. to weight box pivot ctr., 4"; weight in box, 5 pounds of No. 8 hard shot; assumed load, 13 grams. That’s ample information. Go and do likewise; adjust to suit. Next
You could look it up: the web is thick with trebuchet sites, some with pretty dense math and physics. Plenty of room left for the seat-of-the-pants approach, though.

This little guy will chuck a 13-gram walnut to the across-the-street neighbor’s curb — our Firing Range Monitor calls it about 60 feet — not that bad! I expect there’s a bunch of drag on that walnut. A nice, dense muzzleloader ball would be an improvement.

A knock-down model (for easy transport and quick getaway) Big One is being thoroughly researched by Our Tireless R&D Dep’t to fling a tennis ball into deep center field at the Dog Park.

Alternate projectiles possible, and likely. Progress report forthcoming. News as it happens.
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