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Previous The Ox-Herding Pictures; drawings 1 through 6 by Paul Ollswang, drawings 7 through 10 by me. All drawings are ink and white on paper, all approximately 12" w. Next
Rooted in China, The Ox-Herding pictures, also known as “Ten Bulls,” are annotated with prose and verse, and depict the search for man’s Buddha-mind or Original Nature. Ultimately he must forget all about the “ox.” Originally a series of eight, ending with an empty circle, the twelfth century Chinese Zen master Kakuan Shien added two more pictures: living in the ordinary world.
These drawings were commissioned for screenprinted prayer flags, and take a distinctly “American West” point of view.
Paul Ollswang, prolific Eugene, Oregon artist and cartoonist, was commissioned to do this series of drawings, but passed away in 1996 having completed up to drawing 6. Because I had previously collaborated with Paul on cartooning and comix projects, it was requested that I finish the series. Paul was a very good friend; this is a small memorial. Paul hated computers. I miss him.
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