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Likely as not, the page where you came in.
Dead Books
  • “Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics”  [16 sub-pages]
    Examples of book illustrations and cover design for The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, compiled by David Dodd.
  • “The Water of Life”   [10 sub-pages]
    Examples of book illustrations and cover design for The Water of Life, a retelling of the Grateful Dead hero tale by Alan Trist.
  • “Alleys of the Heart”   [4 sub-pages]
    Book cover and illustrations for Alleys of the Heart: The Complete Poems of Robert M. Petersen.
  • “Eugene”  [4 sub-pages]
    Life-size bronze of Eugene Skinner, founder of Eugene, Oregon; collection of the Eugene Public Library.
  • “Leif’s Dream”   [10 sub-pages]
    Sculpture in wood, copper, stone, and cast bronze; collection of the Eugene Public Library, Eugene, Oregon.
  • Other Work   [11 sub-pages]
    Selected examples of other sculpture, including some rarely seen pieces in private collections.
  • Color Illustration   [11 sub-pages]
    Illustrations for various publications; a selection from the last twenty or so years.
  • Black & White Illustration   [19 sub-pages]
    Illustrations for various publications. Again, the selections are from the last twenty or so years.
  • The Ox-Herding Pictures   [11 sub-pages]
    A project with the late Paul Ollswang, in which the Ox-Herding pictures are reinterpreted for prayer flags with a distinctly “American West” point of view.
  • Oud   [7 sub-pages]
    Rebuilding a 'tourist' wallhanger oud. It turned out to be a good-playing, good-sounding instrument.
  • Good Horsey   [3 sub-pages]
    An understrung fiddle, built on a 1937 violin body.
  • Hurdy Gurdy   [7 sub-pages]
    Hurdy-gurdy, or vielle — the synthesizer of the Middle Ages. A great sound.
  • Projects on the bench   [10 sub-pages]
    Your chance to sneak a peek at work in progress without treading in the sawdust.
Odds & Ends
  • Trebuchet
    The long way around to hurl a walnut across the street, but an enjoyable project.
  • Leif’s Dad’s Baked Beans
    Recipe fully approved by the Artcarp Test Kitchens staff. Bullet-proof directions. “Beans make the meal!”
  • Sculpey Fun   [7 sub-pages]
    Wonder what can be done with an oven-hardening polymer clay? Lots of things. Take a look.
  • Feed Time
    Providing an “info fix” through a quick check of some RSS feeds.
Who, Me?
Of the inner man, little is known and even less is truly spoken. I have nothing further to add.
Coming Soon
Keep checking ... honest.
Links to other sites I currently find interesting.
Site Map
Haven’t guessed? That’s this page.
Copyright, Privacy, &c.
The de rigueur legalese and concomitant mumbo jumbo ... unsurprisingly short on pleasantries, yet mercifully brief.
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